The convergence of sponsorship and technology to help maximize sponsorship investments across the entire sports ecosystem by employing cutting-edge technologies and data driven intelligence.

Union of Sponsorship & Technology
In today's connected world, consumers are constantly accessing sports content on demand from various digital platforms. The proliferation of digital media and increased interactions through social channels has forever changed the way fans watch and engage with sports today.

As sports fans continue to migrate from traditional media channels like television to streaming content on digital devices, it has become essential for new methods to measure the value of these interactions across social and digital media. Measuring the value of sponsorships from traditional media channels only provides a part of the picture and the value of sponsorships across social channels was largely undervalued or in some cases not measured at all. This creates big gaps for sponsors in terms of lost sponsorship opportunities and loss of data intelligence in making decisions.
Hookit Spontech™ Solution
Hookit pioneered this new category known as Spontech™ to help sponsors measure value across multiple social and digital platforms by analyzing overall engagement, including mentions, hashtags and brand logos on photos and videos (with advanced image recognition techniques). Its Hookit Valuation Model (HVM) helps brands to understand and maximize earned media value from social and digital content while helping rights holders prove and increase their value to sponsors.

By leveraging a world-class Spontech™ Advisory Board and advanced technologies like Machine Learning, AI and deep data analysis, Hookit can provide sponsors with progressive, predictive analysis to not just quantify their investments but to determine where to place future sponsorship investments for maximum ROI/ROO. Stay tuned for Spontech whitepapers and conferences in the future.