Sponsorship Reporting

Get the Data You Need

From executive summary to granular data

Explore Data

Filter the data with custom metrics to find everything you want to report on

Pull Reports

Dive into the data in the platform,  then save, schedule, and share formatted reports

Export Raw Data

Export the data behind the charts to integrate with your organization’s analysis tools

Share with Ease

Share posts with partners or executives for quick collaboration


Customize Metrics

The most important information first. That’s what the Hookit platform delivers. You know what metrics you’ll use to evaluate a property or influencer once they are sponsored. Start that process before you even sign them with customizable metrics. Select criteria to find new partners and compare with other watched entities. Benchmark them against your own portfolio of entities using the same metrics you use for current sponsorships. Metrics you can look at include:


Perhaps the best part? Export raw data to dive deeper or formatted reports to share with colleagues.

Partner Reports

Aggregate all of your sponsored entities into an easy-to-read graphic under the Reporting dashboard. Allows you to visually see the top performing, and lowest performing, entities based on the number of social interactions from all posts. Provides insight into which sponsored entities drive the most engagements, and ultimately, value for your brand.

Competitor Reports

Compare posts from entities you are currently sponsoring with those from another competitor brand’s entities. Track your top performers with your competitors’ and see which sponsored property is doing better in fan engagements and brand value across social media posts.

Campaign Reports

Available as an add on, you can now track, value, and report on unique brand campaigns. You can determine the number of posts, total social interactions, and total value added from the specific brand campaign as well as which influencers and properties contributed to that value.

Ready to EVOLVE Your Sponsorships?

“We are using the Hookit data to make smarter decisions about who to sponsor, what content to push, and when to push it in order to maximize the ROI of our sponsorship investments.”

Ryan Lauder, Director of Consumer Engagement, TaylorMade Golf Company

“Hookit has more than paid for itself, providing several key insights that have helped inform our Global Sports Marketing strategy.”

Ray Hilvert, VP Sports Marketing, New Balance

Hookit’s technology does a great job of monitoring, aggregating and valuing social posts for our corporate partners.

Richie Smith, Dir., Strategy & Analytics, Boston Celtics

“Vans uses Hookit to capture the true value of how social works for each of our athletes and events. For the first time, Vans can measure and prove ROI on our events and athletes on social media.”

Bobby Gascon, Dir. Global Marketing / Action Sports, Vans

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