About Us

$150B+ is spent on sports sponsorship & activation,
which is not measured like any other form of marketing.

Hookit built the first and most powerful Sponsorship Analytics and Valuation Platform™
to quantify and track the value and performance of sports sponsorships in social and digital media.

Why We Exist

We help brands maximize sponsorship investments, identify new partnership opportunities, and empower influencers and sports properties to prove and increase their value to sponsors.

As content consumption migrates from TV to digital, a vast amount of sponsorship value goes unmeasured. Our mission is to improve global sponsorship effectiveness by providing the most comprehensive, trusted source of intelligent data.

How We Do It

As social & digital media have the most in-depth data ever available, we use these media platforms as a proxy for overall sponsorship value. We analyze overall engagement on brands, influencers, and sports properties, including mentions, hashtags, and brand logos using image recognition tools within videos and images. Hookit’s Valuation Model (HVM) was awarded the 2016 Digital Marketing Association’s Innovation Award for Valuation and Attribution.

Our Story

Hookit began in 2001 as SponsorHouse, an innovative service to connect amateur athletes with sponsors through “the internet”. Athletes and co-founders Scott Tilton and RJ Kraus ran the show and connected thousands of athletes with millions of deals, gathering mountains of data in the process. And, as the data grew, so did the story it was starting to tell…

Scott and RJ realized that the sports community needed a tool powerful enough to value, track, and optimize sponsorship assets where the majority of spend was happening – at the professional level. That’s what led them to build Hookit. With social media influence growing exponentially at the start of the 2010s, athletes and sports properties could now build their brands online while sponsors were empowered with data to better manage and maximize their investments. Today, through proprietary innovations and a total focus on providing insightful data, Hookit remains at the forefront of smart sponsorship and measurement in the $300B global sports economy.

Our Executive Team

We are a growing group of 80+ sports & technology experts focused on our customers’ needs and solving those needs with reliable, easy to use tools.

Scott Tilton

Scott Tilton

Co-founder / CEO

Co-founder / former competitive athlete with 30+ years of experience in the sports industry

RJ Kraus

RJ Kraus

Co-founder / Chief Product Officer

Former competitive athlete with 30+ years of experience in sports industry & 20+ years building software products

Kimberly Cook

Kimberly Cook

Chief Revenue Officer

25 year media industry veteran with deep roots in traditional and digital media

Sam Simkin

Sam Simkin

Chief Financial Officer

Operationally-oriented CFO with extensive experience in rapid growth environments

Join Our Team

“We are using the Hookit data to make smarter decisions about who to sponsor, what content to push, and when to push it in order to maximize the ROI of our sponsorship investments.”

Ryan Lauder, Director of Consumer Engagement, TaylorMade Golf Company

“Hookit has more than paid for itself, providing several key insights that have helped inform our Global Sports Marketing strategy.”

Ray Hilvert, VP Sports Marketing, New Balance

“Even if I had $1 million to spend, I would still have to make choices about where to put it. Having this type of data at this level really helps to make those decisions.”

Carrie Woodward, Global Partnerships Dir., Michelin

“Vans uses Hookit to capture the true value of how social works for each of our athletes and events. For the first time, Vans can measure and prove ROI on our events and athletes on social media.”

Bobby Gascon, Dir. Global Marketing / Action Sports, Vans

What’s New

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