Athlete Social Media Report From Sochi 2/4-2/19

Who’s winning social gold at Sochi?  Check out the infographic and interesting stats below to take a deeper look at the athletes’ impact in social media. Click the image for a high-res version to share. See the full dashboard to get the latest stats and hourly updates:

Some Highlights for 2/04-2/19/14
27.4M Total Fans
5.95M News Fans (27.7% total increase across all athletes in 15 days)
20.7M Total Social Interactions
1,755,488 total tweets posted that mentioned any of the 874 athletes
3,575 photos posted by athletes to Instagram generated 6.6M likes / comments

Most Social Athlete in Sochi – Mark McMorris
#1 based on total social interactions (1.6M total fan interactions – 7.7% of all social interactions generated by 874 tracked athletes)
#1 based on most popular photos (Has top 14 of top 15 photos (Mark’s 14 photos generated 732,311 (94%) of 778,971 total likes/comments for top 15 photos – Shaun White had only other photo in top 15 at #10 with 46,660)
#1 based on total fan growth (634,312 – 139% Growth in 15 days – 265,760 starting fans + 368,552 new fans)