Never Session Alone…

Invite your friends to…

You can now use Hookit to invite your friends to sessions and events. From your dashboard, click on the Post a Session tab, then follow the steps below…

Pick your spot & upcoming / past
You can invite friends to past sessions or events to share photos, videos and re-live everything that went down.
Pick your sport, date and start time
Check off the people from your crew that you want in
Don’t have anyone in your crew yet? You can add them in the next step
Invite more people that aren’t in your crew yet
Add them from Hookit, Facebook or your email or phone contacts.
Let anyone join
Don’t have anyone to sesh with? Open it up to the Hookit community.
Add a Note for your friends
Add some info about where to meet, what to bring or fire up the trash talk
Click “Schedule” and everyone will get an invite to the session. From there, they can respond if they’re in or out.

Now that your session is created, everyone can post comments, photos, videos and reports before, during and after it happens…

… and even your friends that weren’t there can get in the mix and follow you live or post comments as updates stream in.

Now, get out there and start using it…
Invite Friends to a Session or Event