December 2014 Freestyle BMX Social Media Report

Riders Tracked
New Fans
Fan Interactions

In December, Hookit tracked 131 BMX riders and their social media reach. Together they generated 8.3M fan interactions and garnered 208K new fans. Of these new followers 86.6% originated from Facebook, 8.7% came from Instagram and 4.7% from Twitter.

Aaron Ross held down the top spot for the second month in a row gaining 22K new fans brining him to a total audience of 845K fans. Ross generated over 1.1M total fan interactions in December.

The up and coming French Canadian rider Joel Bondu’s fan base once again showed the largest growth with 31.3%.

On Instagram, 7/10 of the top photos belonged to Harry Main. Six of the seven top photos posted by Harry featured his recently totaled Nissan GTR.

December’s top tweet mentioning a BMX rider came from YouTube’s twitter account mentioning Drew Bezanson. This tweet was seen by over 47M Twitter users.