Shimano Uses Hookit Data To Identify Trending Athletes, Increase Brand Engagement & Web Traffic From Target Consumers

“Hookit is our go-to tracking tool for measuring the success of our sponsored athletes on social media.”

Joe Lawwill, Marketing Specialist @ Shimano

Shimano digital marketing team wanted to increase web traffic and engagement with their branded content from end consumers.

By working with the sports marketing team, Shimano digital marketing used data from the Hookit platform to identify which of their sponsored athletes were currently trending in that moment. With that trending data, they could:

  • Have the athlete post more about Shimano
  • Leverage existing assets created with that athlete on their own channels
  • Create content around that athlete’s success, highlighting their use of Shimano products

One example of when Shimano used the Hookit platform to identify and leverage a trending athlete was after Brett Rheeder won the 2018 Red Bull Rampage freeride mountain biking event. By leveraging assets and creating authentic stories about Brett, the Shimano digital marketing team saw the following boost:

  • 50% boost over normal engagements on social posts featuring that athlete
  • 50% increase in web traffic for content around that athlete

The digital marketing team was able to take these results to management, proving a successful cross-team collaboration with sports marketing.

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