Tough Mudder leverages Hookit data to sign more than a half dozen new sponsors.


Tough Mudder is uniquely positioned as both a brand sponsoring athletes and influencers as well as an event property bringing on other brands as sponsors. In order to stay as the best-in-class partner, Tough Mudder sought to identify ways to drive more value for current and prospective sponsors.


Using the Research tool within the Hookit platform, Tough Mudder was able to identify potential sponsors and show how their organization could:

  • Optimize campaigns aligned with that brand’s messaging
  • Target the desired audience of that brand
  • Pair influencers and brands to drive maximum ROI on sponsored content


Tough Mudder’s sales team leveraged Hookit data as a tool in the partnership sales process as a way to provide insightful analytics of predicted sponsorship ROI to its potential brand partners. This data from Hookit was one of the selling points in helping Tough Mudder secure deals with partners such as Chipotle, Nexcare, ACE, Every Man Jack, Navy Federal Credit Union and many more. By tailoring the pitch to what the brand was already talking about, Tough Mudder could demonstrate that it would be a world-class partner for the sponsor, helping that organization achieve their sponsorship objectives.

“Hookit is a key tool in the sponsorship sales process, allowing us to bring on new sponsors and increasing our sponsorship revenue.”

Tony Kim, Business Development @ Tough Mudder


The right metrics and insights can help sponsor brands understand which of their sponsored properties are most effective and drive higher ROI. Sponsor brands can gain this competitive advantage by leveraging the Hookit platform to make effective sponsorship decisions and strategy. Contact us today for a free demo of our powerful sports sponsorship platform.

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