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VIDEO: F1 Sponsorship & Social Media Season Recap

VIDEO: F1 Sponsorship & Social Media Season Recap

Key Takeaways from 2021 & Lessons for 2022 Watch Roger Breum, Hookit’s Head of Marketing & Sponsorship Insights, walk you through the social media reach & growth of the series over the past season, the sponsorship impact for brands and which brands saw the best results, the top campaigns throughout the season, and key lessons and...


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[FORTUNE] How much is a tweet from an Olympian worth?

Olympic sponsorships aren't just for television commercials anymore. Increasingly they extend to tweets, TikToks, and Instagram posts. But just how much is a social post worth from an Olympian? Hookit, a San Diego–based analytics firm that specializes in sports...

[L’Equipe] Sky Brown & Rayssa Leal – Baby Boss

Lewis Hamilton, silver costumer, smiles at the photographers. Rafael Nadal and Dirk Nowitzki also pose, smiling. In this month of February 2020, the most prestigious athletes on the planet walk the red carpet of the Laureus Sports Awards ceremony in Berlin, rewarding...

Sponsorship Across European Football [INFOGRAPHIC]

2020-2021 Season Recap Powered by Hookit Nearly a quarter of all sports fans on social media are followers of at least one entity across top European football leagues. As the Euros get to their final stages and in the middle of the summer offseason of the country...

Sponsorships In Golf: 2020-’21 Midseason Analysis

Halfway through the LPGA tour schedule and more than halfway through the PGA & European Tours, Hookit looked back on the golf season so far to analyze which brands, golfers, and tournaments came out on top across social media. To include the full season, we looked...