Brett Hayes
Off Road Moto
Brett Hayes
Age: 50
Ledyard, CT
I race hard. I play hard. Its my life. Started riding when I was 9 yrs old, racing co... more
Rank: Expert
Competition: Two Or Three Times Per Week: Since 1978
Recent Class(es): B-Senior, B-Senior, B-Senior, B-Senior, B-Senior
Event Wins: 7 Regional, 11 Local
Riding: Since 1978 - Just About Every Day


Started riding when I was 9 yrs old, racing competitively at 12 in motocross. Growing up on an 1100 acre dairy farm in upstate NY afforded my dad and grandfather the luxury of building a track that grew as I did. By the time I was 16 I had a full out 1.5 mile MX track with all the goodies. Doubles, triples, tables, whoops.... it had it all. Once I started racing at a full time level as a top amateur my grandfather put up lights so I could practice any time I wanted.
Competed quite a few years, 12 roughly, on the national circuit trying to break out and get the "dream ride". It was an honor and a priveledge to be on the same track as my heros of the day, John Dowd, Mike Larrocco, David Bailey, Jeff Ward, Doug Henry..... the list is extensive. I wanted so bad what they had and I tried hard. Then came the point when I had to put the dream away. In 2001 after my 9th knee surgery and turning 35 I retired from MX. I sat out a season and it drove me insane. I picked up arena-cross as a hobby but the jumps became too much and the young kids were dangerously competitve. I picked up off-road racing, GNCC/harescrambles, and am now in my 9th year competition. I run multiple series that add up to about 30 to 35 races a season. I love the sport, I have fun with it and I've had to learn a whole new style of riding. What worked in MX can kill you in the woods. I only wish I would've picked up on woods racing while I was young and racing MX.


Competed in hundreds of MX amatuer nationals starting at the age of 12 thru my late 20's. Made the step to Pro-AM MX in my 20's trying to make something happen. A few podiums but no significant offers. Retired from MX in 2001 and started Off-Road Harescrambles and GNCC's in 2003. Numerous plaques and podiums in the amatuer and expert ranks. I currently contest the new JDay Offroad series in the Northeast, that is much like a WORCS format of Woods, MX and Extreme, and also compete in select GNCC events on the national amateur level.


Win the expert "A" Class in the 40+ division and try to qualify for a couple national MX events.

Media Exposure / Publicity

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Events & Results

Series Results
2013 JDay Offroad Barnesway GP B SR 40+ Moto 2 6th
2013 JDay Offroad Barnesway GP B SR 40+ Overall 7th
2013 JDay Offroad Barnesway GP B SR 40+ Moto 1 8th
2012 JDay Off-Road GP Series B SR (40+) 3rd
2013 JDay Off-Road Racing Series B SR 3rd
Past Events & Results
06/11/16 2016 GNCC Rd 8 - Dunlop Tomahawk Super Senior B 45+ 11th
09/19/15 GNCC Series RD 10 Super Sen B 22nd
09/19/15 GNCC Series RD 10 Super Senior B 45+ 22nd
04/28/13 JDay Off-Road Racing Series B SR 3rd
05/17/15 J Day Off-Road Racing Series B Sen 1st
10/19/14 JDay - Mohawk GP B SR 1st
04/19/15 J Day Off-Road Racing Series B Sen 2nd
10/05/14 JDay - Red Fern GP B SR 2nd
04/26/15 J Day Off-Road Racing Series B Sen 3rd
04/28/13 J Day Off Road Racing Series Round 1 B SR (40+) 3rd
04/28/13 J Day Off Road Racing Series Round 1 B SR 40+ Overall 4th
04/27/14 JDay - Scarecrow GP B Sen 5th
05/26/13 J Day Off Road Racing Series Round 4 B SR 6th
04/28/13 J Day Off Road Racing Series Round 1 B SR (40+) 6th
08/07/16 PSTR Landfill Lapper GP B-Senior 1st
Upcoming Events
09/11/16 GNCC ROUND 10 UNIDILLA Super Senior B 45+
09/17/16 MSR/FMF Jdayoffroad Sprint Enduro B-Senior
09/18/16 MX 23 Sunday Funday Race 5 B-40+
09/25/16 MSR/FMF JDayoffroad Crow Hill 2 GP B-Senior
10/02/16 MSR/FMF Jdayoffroad MX207 GP B-Senior
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