Brett Hayes
Brett Hayes
Age: 51
Ledyard, CT
I race hard. I play hard. Its my life. Started riding when I was 9 yrs old, racing co... more
Rank: Expert
Competition: Two Or Three Times Per Week: Since 1977
Recent Class(es): B Sen, B Sen, B Sen, B Sen, B Sen
Event Wins: 4 Regional, 5 Local
Riding: Since 1977 - Just About Every Day


Started riding when I was 9 yrs old, racing competitively at 12 in motocross. Growing up on an 1100 dairy farm in upstate NY afforded my dad and grandfather the luxury of building a track that grew as I did. By the time I was 16 I had a full out 1.5 mile MX track with all the goodies. Doubles, triples, tables, whoops.... it had it all. Once I started racing at a full time level as a top amateur my grandfather put up lights so I could practice any time I wanted.
Competed quite a few years, 12 roughly, on the national circuit trying to break out and get the "dream ride". It was an honor and a priveledge to be on the same track as my heros of the day, John Dowd, Mike Larrocco, David Bailey, Jeff Ward, Doug Henry..... the list is extensive. I wanted so bad what they had and I tried hard. Then came the point when I had to put the dream away. In 2001 after my 9th knee surgery and turning 35 I retired from MX. I sat out a season and it drove me insane. I picked up arena-cross as a hobby but the jumps became too much and the young kids were dangerously competitve. I picked up off-road racing, GNCC/harescrambles, and am now in my 9th year competition. I run multiple series that add up to about 30 to 35 races a season. I love the sport, I have fun with it and I've had to learn a whole new style of riding. What worked in MX can kill you in the woods. I only wish I would've picked up on woods racing while I was young and racing MX. It teaches you so much more about line selection and


Numerous podiums, plaques and trophies over the past 30 yrs. Running with John Dowd and Mike larocco in the 80's was awesome.


Win every expert class race I enter. I want the perfect season!!

Media Exposure / Publicity

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Events & Results

Series Results
2012 JDay Off-Road GP Series B SR (40+) 3rd
Past Events & Results
08/17/14 JDay - Wizard GP B Sen 1st
08/02/14 JDay - Hemonds GP B Sen 2nd
06/22/14 JDay - Jolly Roger GP B Sen 2nd
04/27/14 JDay - Scarecrow GP B Sen 3rd
04/20/14 JDay - Crow Hill GP B Sen 4th
05/18/14 JDay - Barnes Way GP B Sen 6th
08/02/15 J Day Off-Road Racing Series B SR Overall 8th
08/02/15 J Day Off-Road Racing Series B SR 10th
10/19/14 MSR Mohawk Gp B Sen 1st
06/25/17 JDay Offroad Wizard GP B Sen 2nd
10/30/16 JDay Off Road Southwick II GP B Sen 2nd
09/25/16 JDay Offroad Crow Hill II GP B Sen 2nd
11/01/14 J Day B Sen 2nd
10/26/14 cliff's cycle paradise GP B Sen 2nd
10/05/14 JDay Sullivan Red Fern GP B Sen 2nd
Upcoming Events
11/05/17 JDay Offroad Southwick GPII B Sen
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