Simon Tibbett
Auto Racing
Simon Tibbett
Age: 29
Oakwood, GA
Currently in College
I am a twenty six year old motorsport nut. I began racing in arrive and drive karting even... more
Rank: Expert
Competition: About Once Per Month: Since 2000
Recent Class(es): class1, class1, B-Spec, B-Spec, ITA
Event Wins: 8 Local
Racing: Since 2000 - About Twice Per Month


I was introduced to racing by complete accident. My father was an automotive insurance appraiser and had to look at the damage to a vehicle at Road Atlanta one day. Being the nice dad he is, he brought home some posters and magazines for my brother and I. Little did he know that he was creating a monster. I spent months re-reading the same racing articles over and over again. Something clicked in my head and it grabbed my interest entirely.

After finally going to Road Atlanta to watch a race, I knew I wanted to race cars. I started karting at a very small level in arrive and drive events. When I turned fifteen I started autocrossing in cars and when I turned sixteen finally did my first track day at Road Atlanta. After years of track days, autocross, and karting, I started racing wheel to wheel with the Sports Car Club of America. I have raced with the SCCA and also the Historic Sportscar Racing group (HSR) here in the U.S. since 2011 and continue to run with them.

I also work as an instructor and have worked for the Skip Barber Racing School as I continue to try and climb the motorsport ladder.


• Red Bull Formula One Driver Search regional finalist for two consecutive years.
• Endurance Karting events in early 2000s.
• 2012 HSR STARS Series 1st
• 2012 SCCA American Road Race of Champions ECR 1st IT7
• 2013 SCCA TT Road Atlanta 1st IT7 & Class Track Record
• 2015 SCCA March Majors Saturday DNF mechanical Sunday 4th in class
• 2015 The Mitty 1st in class x3.
• 2015 SCCA SECS Road Atlanta 2nd in HP x2.
• 2015 SCCA American Road Race of Champions 1st
• 2016 SCCA Majors Tour podium finisher.
• 2016 HSR The Mitty 3rd/2nd race one and two respectfully.
• 2016 SCCA American Road Race of Champions 1st ECR 3 Hour Endurance Race
• 2016 SCCA Turkey Trot class double race winner Sebring international Raceway
• 2017 American Endurance Racing Series 5th place in class Road Atlanta.
• 2017 American Endurance Racing Series 2nd place in class Road Atlanta.

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Past Events & Results
11/27/16 SCCA Turkey Trot B-Spec 1st
11/26/16 SCCA Turkey Trot B-Spec 1st
11/05/16 SCCA American Road Race of Champions ECR Series ITA 1st
11/07/15 SCCA American Road Race of Champions H Production 1st
04/26/15 HSR The Mitty Race Two HPC 1st
04/25/15 HSR The Mitty Race One HPC 1st
04/24/15 HSR The Mitty BWTIAC HPC 1st
08/12/07 Atl Region SCCA Solo 2 Points #7 Prepared 1st
02/12/17 AER Series 7 Hour class1 2nd
04/24/16 HSR The Mitty HPC 2nd
04/22/16 HSR The Mitty HPC 2nd
07/26/15 SCCA SECS Race Two H Production 2nd
07/25/15 SCCA SECS Race One H Production 2nd
04/23/16 HSR The Mitty HPC 3rd
03/19/16 SCCA U.S. Majors Tour H Production 3rd
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