Christiaan "Otter" Bailey
Age: 36
Santa Cruz, CA
Well...My name is Christian "Otter" Bailey, and I grew up between Santa Cruz, California a... more
Rank: Pro
Competition: About Once Per Month: Since 1990
Recent Class(es): None
Surfing: Since 1990 - Just About Every Day


My name is Christiaan or "Otter" depending on how well you know me and I grew up between France and Santa Cruz, California...Over the course of my life, i've been blessed to have spent most of it traveling the world surfing, skating and exploring.

As i'm sure you've noticed by now, i'm in a wheelchair...I crushed several vertebrae during the filming of a skate video back in 2006. I don't trip about it though, if anything, it has made me a better person, given me some killer opportunities and put some fantastic people in my life!

Nowaday's, I still spend the vast majority of my time traveling on tour as a professional surfer, trying to push the limits of whats possible as well as performing expressions sessions on various legs of the WQS & WCT of surfing...I'm also CEO/ Executive Director of the Ocean Healing Group, a non-profit organization that provides Costa Rica based, adaptive surf adventures, to wheelchair bound youngsters and their parents...It's not only great fun, but also really allows us to share our love for the ocean, with those who don't often have the opportunity to enjoy it.

My ultimate goal in life, is to help empower other disabled youngsters in our situation, to pursue their dreams despite the challenges life has thrown our way!...The way I see it, the lord throws challenges our way in life, it's how a person chooses to face those challenges, that defines them as who they are!


Captain of Team USA for the first ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championships, WSA National Champion 2009, i've been traveling on the WQS and WCT doing expression sessions at various contests since 2006 and I currently hold the world record as the first paraplegic to ever surf Mavericks and double overhead Pipeline.


To be the first paraplegic to ride Cortez Bank...

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