Remington Platt
Off Road Moto
Remington Platt
Age: 11
Dorchester, NJ
Currently in Elementary School
I love riding with my friends and racing Harescrambles! Started in 2011. I love everythi... more
Rank: Novice
Competition: Two Or Three Times Per Week: Since 2011
Recent Class(es): 10-11 85, Youth-Overall, 7-11 85cc, Youth-Overall, 7-11
Series Wins: 1 Regional
Event Wins: 2 Local
Riding: Since 2011 - Just About Every Day


I started out on a quad in 2010, I did one kids race on it and then my mom and dad bought me a Honda 50, I rode on training wheels for 3 races and then the race event officials told my dad to get the wheels off and get me in the next class. I ride as much as possible. I raced in the 4 - 6 50 CC in 2012 and finished 4th overall, in 2013 I raced in the 7 - 8 50CC and I finished 3rd overall in the North East Off Road Championship series. I also raced in the East Coast Enduro Association and finished 4th overall in the 7 - 8 50CC class. I raced a Kawasaki KX65 and I competed in both series in 2014 - 2016 in the 7 - 9 65 class. I finished 8th overall in the NEOC and 15th overall in the ECEA. I am going to move into MX next season and I am going to compete in the District 6 series also. I will be racing in at least 5 AMA national events also. I am now on a KTM SX85. I am racing both the ECEA and the NEOC, some D6, some MX and some AMA Nationals this year.


I am competing in over 20 races this year. I continued to improve and get more comfortable on my 85. I have a 2 wins and a 2nd in the NEOC series and I am consistently in the top 12 of ECEA series and the National AMA East Harescramble races. I will be racing MX this year along with harescrambles! My family loves traveling and racing allows us to be together as a family doing what we love. My little sister also races and she is awesome!!


To finish in the top 3 overall in my class for the season, and take the 7 - 9 65 class championship in 2014 in both the North East Offroad Championship and the East Coast Enduro Association. I want to compete in at least 25 to 35 events next year. I race locally and out of state and I want to continue racing in other areas. I will also start racing some motocross next season.

Media Exposure / Publicity

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Events & Results

Series Results
2013 ECEA, Shotgun HS, PA 7-8 O.I. 1st
2013 NEOC, The Cow Patty 7-8 O.I. 2nd
2015 ECEA Championship Hare Scrambles 7-9 65 11th
2014 NEOC Racing Series 7-9 65 8th
2013 ECEA Blue Diamond HS 7-9 65 17th
Past Events & Results
03/09/13 NEOC Racing Series OI 7-8 3rd
03/03/13 East Coast Enduro Association - Hare Scramble Age 7-8 50cc Oil Injected Class 4th
03/09/14 NEOC Racing Series 7-9 65 8th
03/28/15 ECEA Championship Hare Scrambles 7-9 65 11th
05/16/15 ECEA Championship Hare Scrambles 7-9 65 5th
05/16/15 ECEA Championship Hare Scrambles JRs overall 8th
08/02/15 ECEA Championship Hare Scrambles 7-9 65 9th
08/02/15 ECEA Championship Hare Scrambles 7-9 65 9th
04/16/16 ECEA Harescramble Series Round 1 7-11 85cc 10th
07/18/15 ECEA Championship Hare Scrambles 7/9 11th
08/02/15 ECEA Championship Hare Scrambles JR overall 14th
08/02/15 ECEA Championship Hare Scrambles JRs overall 14th
05/31/14 NEOC RD 5 7-9 65 15th
09/18/16 ECEA Harescramble Series Round 10 7-11 16th
07/17/16 ECEA Harescramble Series Round 7 7-11 85cc 16th
Upcoming Events
No upcoming events
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