Brands I Rep

Use Products: Cameras, Videos, Film
I have 4 GoPro Hero 2 cameras. It is by far the best action sports camera I have ever used. Looking forward to purchasing the hero 3 black edition.
Use Products: Lubricants, Cleaners
I use Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant in the aerosol can and in the liquid bottle. They both work amazing. They keep the drivetrain extremely well lubricated. Dirt and grease does not build up like some other brands I've used. The best part about this product is that its waterproof. I can wash my bike and its still good for another ride or two. I use to have to re apply after every wash. Thats not the case anymore. Tri-Flow makes great lubricants, dry lubricants, grease and degreasers. I want to purchase the Tri-Flow Pin Point Lubricator. Its refillable and it doesn't get all over your bike when you apply it. That use to make me so mad when the lubricant went all over my bike and nowhere close to the drivetrain. Thanks Tri-Flow for making such great products for us Mountain Bikiers. Hope to be sponsored by your company soon.