Kevin Finnegan
Road Racing
Kevin Finnegan
Age: 31
Aurora, CO
I have always been excited about anything with wheels. My obsession with motorcycles spawn... more
Rank: Expert
Competition: About Once Per Month: Since 2010 | Mostly Local
Recent Class(es): Amateur GTO, 4 Hour Team Endurance Race, Open Super Sport, Solo Endurance Middleweight, Amateur GTU
Racing: Since 2010 - About Twice Per Month


I started riding bicycles at the young age of three. I rode avidly all the way up to age 17. At 21, I took a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course and got my endorsement as well as my first motorcycle. During the next 6 years, I owned several motorcycles and put on over 42,000 combined miles on them. I have organized and led group rides, been an online motorcycle forum administrator, taken a cross-country journey and helped fellow motorcyclists whenever I can. In 2008, I became a certified MSF Instructor and began teaching basic rider courses and some experienced rider courses. 2010 was the start of expanding my obsession and lifelong dream of racing. I raced seven of the eight races in the 2010 season. I missed one race due to lack of equipment for rain racing. In 2011, I raced the entire season in four different classes and raced a team 4-hour endurance race. I pushed myself hard in 2012 by racing all 10 of the classes my bike was eligible for as well as participating again in the 4-hour endurance race. I continue to pursue my personal education and training in motorcycling through a variety of efforts, including reading books, taking hands on classes, working with fellow racers, and applying learned methods on the track.



• Finished 3rd in Clubman Points
• Finished 3rd in Amateur GTU
• Finished 3rd in Amateur GTO
• Finished 3rd in Heavyweight SuperSport
• Finished 5th in Middleweight SuperSport
• Finished 7th in Solo Endurance Open
• Finished 7th in Open SuperSport
• Finished 7th in Middleweight SuperBike
• Finished 8th in Heavyweight SuperBike
• Finished 12th in Open SuperBike
• Finished 6th in Solo Endurance Middleweight

• Decreased my fastest lap times by an average of 2.3 seconds at
three of the four tracks and 5.1 seconds at the fourth
• Instructed regularly for the Superstreet program in the MRA
and assisted riders improve themselves.
• Appointed as the Press & Contingency Rider Representative for
the MRA for 2013


2013 GOALS • Decrease lap times to be within 104% of the track records • Finish the season in top 3 in Race of the Rockies GTU • Win the championship in the SuperSport classes • Promote the sport and mentor fellow racers and new riders in their personal improvement including Superstreet riders • Promote ethical, clean racing • Increase my knowledge on motorcycling, riding skills and habits

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Events & Results

Past Events & Results
07/28/12 MRA Round 5 Amateur GTU 2nd
09/15/12 MRA Round 7 Heavy Weight Super Sport 3rd
08/25/12 MRA Round 6 Amateur GTU 3rd
08/25/12 MRA Round 6 Amateur GTO 3rd
09/15/12 MRA Round 7 Solo Endurance Middleweight 4th
08/25/12 MRA Round 6 Heavy weight Super Bike 4th
07/28/12 MRA Round 5 Solo Endurance Open 4th
06/30/12 MRA Round 4 Heavy Weight Super Sport 4th
06/30/12 MRA Round 4 Amateur GTU 4th
06/10/12 MRA Round 3 4 Hour Team Endurance Race 4th
05/06/12 MRA Round 1 Heavy Weight Super Sport 4th
09/15/12 MRA Round 7 Amateur GTU 5th
09/15/12 MRA Round 7 Amateur GTO 5th
09/15/12 MRA Round 7 Middle weight supersport 5th
08/25/12 MRA Round 6 Middle Weight Super Bike 5th
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