John Hunt
Road Racing
John Hunt
Age: 31
Redondo Beach, CA
I live in Reondo Beach and work as a service manager for 4wheelparts in Azusa Ca. Ive bee... more
Rank: Top_Amateur
Competition: About Twice Per Month: Since 2008
Recent Class(es): SuperStock C, Superbike C, super stock middleweight, super bike middleweight, Formula 1 Novice
Event Wins: 1 Local
Racing: Since 2008 - About Twice Per Month


I bot my first sport bike mostly to commute and fell in love with it right away. The speed and the thrill. I then wanted to ride her like it was built. I bot my first suit boots and gloves to hit the track for the first time with tracktactics and just couldnt stop going. I went from a few times a year to a few times a month in a matter of 1 year. I progressed pretty fast. In the middle of my second year I was riding with A group and was asked if I would like to become a control rider with tracktactics and incouraged to start racing with WERA.


My first race ever with the WSMC I got first place and continued to get podium finishes with CVMA, and WERA. Just recently got 3rd in th WERA nationals at miller motorsports


My goals for next year in the expert group and to drop my times by min of 3 sec at every track which for the most part wont be too difficult because most of the tracks I was at this year were new to me. And eventually race on a endurance team.

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Events & Results

Past Events & Results
06/18/11 WSMC round 6 New Racer Race 1st
04/21/12 Cvma race super bike middleweight 2nd
10/02/11 WERA West Superbike C 2nd
10/02/11 WERA West super bike C solo 20 2nd
10/01/11 Lucas Oils WERA West Solo 20 middle weight 2nd
10/01/11 Lucas Oils WERA West Superbike B 2nd
05/19/12 WERA National SuperStock C 3rd
10/02/11 WERA West SuperStock C 3rd
10/01/11 Lucas Oils WERA West Superbike C 3rd
04/21/12 Cvma race Formula 1 Novice 4th
04/21/12 Cvma race super stock middleweight 6th
07/16/11 WSMC Round 7 New Racer Race 6th
09/11/11 Lucas Oils WERA West Superbike C 9th
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