jessica vass
jessica vass
Age: 20
Currently in School with a 3.9 GPA
I'm a 17 year old freestyle skier. I am working towards making the 2018 Olympics. This yea... more
Rank: Expert verified
Competition: About Three Times Per Month: Since 2002
Recent Class(es): Slopestyle, womans open class, f1, overall woman, f1 div
Series Wins: 1 Regional
Event Wins: 5 Local
Skiing: Since 2002 - Two Or Three Times Per Week


I learned to ski when I was 6 years old. I did not like it because my older brother was able to leave the training area. The next year the ski school was next to the park . I told my ski coach I wanted to do that he told me i had to learn how to ski. At the age of 8, I got my first taste of park freestyle when I hit Coyote Ridge at Jiminy Peak Ski Resort. After that I told my dad that I wanted to ski freestyle, he ask me to give him one year on a race team. The teams I have skied for 2006 -2007 Snowshoe Mtn Race Ski Team
2007 -2008 Snowshoe Mtn Freestyle Team
2008-2009 Park City Freestyle Team
2009- 2010 Park City Freestyle Team
2010-2011 Park City Freestyle Team
2011- Park City Freestyle Team


Accomplished Tricks:

180 Misty flips 5 and 7
Switch 180 Truck Driver Front flips
360 Lincoln loop
Switch 360 Redo 5 and 7
Switch 540
Iron Cross
Truck Driver

Ski Accomplishments:
March 2013 Won overall for Moster Recon Tour
Aug 2012 1st overall woman huck fest open class
2011-2012 out for season for knee injury
May 2011 7th overall Freestyle Junior National, 2nd her div
Feb 2011 2nd overall Intermountain Div. Champs, 1st her div
Jan 2011 3rd overall Bjorn Thorsen Memorial Open, 1st her div
April 2010 3rd Overall Coleman open half pipe, 1st her div
February 2010 1st place in her division Championships
January 2010 1st place in her division Bjorn Thorsen Memorial Slopestyle
March 2009 2nd Place Canyons Slopestyle Competition
December 2008 Overall Team Champ for Snowshoe Freestyle Team
January 2008 1st Place West Virginia Open (only female skier)
February 2008 2nd Place SFTC Slopestyle Comp @ Appalachian Mtn
December 2007 Queen of the Mountain for Snowshoe Mtn Ski Resort
December 2007 1st Place for Slopestyle and Big Air in King of Mountain
@ Snowshoe Mtn


I am looking for alot of top ten finishes in the Rev tour and Grand Prix. I am looking for a top 3 finish at the USSA Junior nationals and junior worlds.I have the drive and talent to achieve my Olympic goals. I enjoy competition and being a team player as well as an individual. I give 110% of my abilities with all endeavors. Please give me the opportunity to represent your company and products throughout my athletic career.

Media Exposure / Publicity

No media exposure / publicity

Events & Results

Series Results
2013 intermountain div pcmr SS/HP Overall 8th
2013 Rev Tour Open Class Woman 10th
2013 USSA Halfpipe PCMR womans 4th
2013 USSA Halfpipe PCMR J2 (14-15) 2nd
2013 USSA Slopestyle PCMR J 2 womans 2nd
Past Events & Results
03/02/13 Winter Recon Tour Ski - Finals Open Female 2nd
01/12/13 Winter Recon Tour Ski - #1 Open Female 2nd
01/14/13 USSA Revolution Tour Womens Halfpipe 10th
01/10/13 USSA Halfpipe PCMR J2 (14-15) 1st
02/24/10 Div Campionship JRs 4 (11 1st
12/08/07 Snowshoe King of the Mountain - Slopestyle JRs 4 (11 1st
12/08/07 Snowshoe King of the Mountain - Slopestyle Open 1st
01/31/14 Ussa/pcmr-pcfree f1 2nd
01/30/14 Park City Freestyle Classic overall woman 2nd
01/12/13 USSA Halfpipe PCMR J2 (14-15) 2nd
01/11/13 USSA Slopestyle PCMR J 2 womans 2nd
02/25/11 PCMR- Slopestyle & Halfpipe T/SS/HP J3 (13-14) 2nd
01/27/11 Sun Valley- Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Single & Dual ... J3 (13-14) 2nd
03/14/09 Canyons Slopestyle Comp Open 2nd
02/11/09 SFTC comp Open 2nd
Upcoming Events
No upcoming events
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