Brands I Rep

Ryno Power
Use Products: Fitness
Want Products: Supplements, Nutrition, Vitamins
I saw a tweet from Aaron Gwin mentioning Ryno Power a while ago. I checked out their website and started trying a few of their freebie stretches and workouts last week and I can already feel myself loosening up and gaining more power, and seemingly more focus. Can't wait to try the full blown program, diet and supplements!
Use Products: Pedals, Gloves
Want Products: Gear, Pants, Handlebars, Helmets, Protection
I have had Azonic stems, handlebars, seat posts and pedals over the years and always come back to them. Whether its for the practicality of the light weight, strength, and low profile, or because they have some of the coolest anodized colors out there. You know you are getting a part that will be headache free.
Use Products: Cameras, Videos, Film
Absolutely the most versatile and high quality action cameras on the market. I recently went from a GoPro HD hero 2 to a Hero 3 Black edition and I am just blown away at how much these cameras progress from generation to generation.
Leatt Protectives
Use Products: Neck Brace, Protection
Want Products: Accessories
Leatt make some seriously comfortable and durable protective gear. My armor and neck brace compliment each other thanks to Leatt's attention to detail. And the gear gives me that extra edge of confidence to push my riding that much further.
ODI Grips
Use Products: Apparel, Equipment
Want Products: Bars, Bikes, Handlebars, Stands
Gamut USA
Want Products: socks
Answer Products
Use Products: Bars, Shirts
Want Products: Apparel, Grips, Socks, Jerseys, Hats, Controls, Pedals
Monster Army
Use Products: Energy Drinks, Beverage
Sun Rims
Use Products: Wheels, Hubs
Dragon Alliance
Want Products: Eyewear, Goggles, Accessories
Use Products: Lubricants, Cleaners
Even before I started Mountain Biking I was familiar with Tri-Flow. It was a no-brainer when I began Mountain Biking and needed a quality lubricant, never even bothered trying the competition.
Shimano American Inc.
Use Products: Chains, Equipment, Tools, Parts
Want Products: Calipers, Brakes, Discs, Handlebars, Grips