Bryan Denny
Off Road
Bryan Denny
Age: 30
Garden Grove, CA
Currently in College with a 3.0 GPA
Hello, my name is Bryan Denny; I am 29 years old & live in Garden Grove California. I have... more
Rank: Amateur
Competition: About Twice Per Month: Since 2007 | Mostly Regional
Recent Class(es): 251+ HWT Int, WCGP Hwt Int, 251+cc Hwt Int, B Open & Amateur Overall!!, Sat A Course, B Open & Amateur Overall!!, Sun B Course
Event Wins: 2 Regional, 8 Local
Riding: Since 2007 - Once Or Twice Per Week


I started riding motorcycles when I was a toddler, and rode for pleasure, with family & friends, until I was 22 when I started racing. My Dad raced the Big 6 Grand Prix series when I was younger, so naturally, that series was my first go at racing.

I currently ride a 2013 KTM 450 XC-F. I just picked this bike up & with the help of my amazing sponsors, I have turned this bike into my dream race bike. Thanks!

The 2013 season was a great season for me. I was able to win almost all of the points championships I was pursuing. This year has taught me so many things. I learned a lot of new skills in a range of different types of racing. I also learned a lot about preparing for the different races with bike prep, fitness & nutrition.


2013 AMA D37 Desert - B Open Champion, & 1st Intermediate Overall
2013 AMA D37 Enduro - B Open Champion
2013 AMA West Coast Grand Prix Series - B Open Champion
2013 AMA D37 3Bros Best of the West Series - B Open Champion
2013 GET-XTR-EME Endurance Series - B Open Champion
2013 AMA D37 Big 6 Grand Prix Series - 2nd B Open
2013 AMA West Chec Enduro Series - 2nd B Open
2013 AMA National Hare & Hound - 5th B Open


In the 2014 season I plan on racing the AMA D-37 Big 6 Grand Prix series, the AMA D-37 Desert series, & the National Hare & Hount Series. In addition, I plan on racing some of the D-37 Enduros, West CHEC events, and some of the Get-Xtr-Eme Endurance races. I will also be racing the Last Dog Standing extreme enduro. 2014 will be a busy racing year but I look forward to the challenge & excitement.

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Events & Results

Series Results
2013 Big Six Rd # 5 WCGP HWT Int - Sat 3rd
2013 Big Six Rd # 5 Big 6 GP HWT Int - Sun 3rd
2013 Big Six GP RD # 4 WCGP Hwt Intermediate - Sat 2nd
2013 Big Six GP RD # 4 Big 6 Hwt Intermediate - Sun 2nd
2013 National Hare & Hound RD 5 B Open 3rd
Past Events & Results
03/24/13 District 37 Dirt Diggers Desert Scramble HWT Intermediate 1st
02/24/13 Checkers Hare and Hound B HWT 1st
09/06/14 AMA District 37 Big6 Grand Prix Series Rd 5 WCGP Hwt Int 5th
08/10/14 AMA So Cal MX - RD 8 HWT B 2nd
07/27/14 AMA So Cal MX - RD 7 HWT B 3rd
06/29/14 AMA So Cal MX - RD 4 HWT B 1st
06/28/14 AMA So Cal MX - RD 3 HWT B 1st
06/07/14 Ruts Dual Euro Scramble Sunday Hwt INT 4th
05/18/14 VCMC Rawhide Enduro B HWT 2nd
05/10/14 Badgers Dual Euro Sunday Hwt INT 3rd
03/30/14 United Mc Enduro B HWT 2nd
03/23/14 Dirt diggers desert scramble Hwt INT 3rd
03/15/14 AMA West Hare Scramble Hwt INT 2nd
12/14/13 GXE Christmas Classic B Open 1st
12/07/13 Big 6 Round 8 Sat WCGP Hwt Int 2nd
Upcoming Events
No upcoming events
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Sessioned 1 Spot in 1 State, 1 Country and 1 Sport.
Sports: Off Road, Motocross
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