Blake Cochran
Road Racing
Blake Cochran
Age: 30
Houston, TX
I work in the fire restoration industy as an Operations Director. I have been racing motor... more
Rank: Expert
Competition: About Twice Per Month: Since 2009
Recent Class(es): SuperStock C, Superbike C, Superstock B, Superbike B, SuperStock C
Racing: Since 2009 - About Twice Per Month


I started sprint racing sport bikes in 2008. I raced the novice class during the 2008-2009 seasons. In 2010 I moved up to the Expert class. In 2011 I joined an endurance racing team.


2009 CMRA - 600cc SuperBike Champion - Novice
2009 CMRA - 750cc SuperBike Champion - Novice
2009 AMA Grand National - 600cc SuperStock Champion
2009 AMA Grand National - 750cc SuperBike Champion
2009 Michelin Inventational - 600cc SuperBike (2nd place)

2010 CMRA - Rookie Expert Champion
2010 CMRA - 600cc SuperBike (Overall4th place) - Expert
2010 CMRA - 750cc Superbike Overall(5th Place) - Expert

2011 CMRA - 600cc SuperBike Overall(4th place) - Expert
2011 CMRA - 750cc SuperBike Overall (4th place) - Expert
2011 CMRA - 600cc SuperBike ENDURANCE Champion


Finish top 3 overall in all of my sprint racing classes. I plan on winning atleast two races this year. I will be attending the WERA Nationals this year. My goal at the WERA Nationals is to finish top 5 in the Expert class. The endurance team and I will be defending our Class Championship from the 2011 season and plan to win the Overall Endurance Championship.

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Events & Results

Past Events & Results
10/22/11 CMRA TWS Superbike C 5th
08/27/11 Cmra motorsports ranch Superbike B 5th
08/27/11 Cmra motorsports ranch Superbike C 5th
10/22/11 CMRA TWS SuperStock C 6th
09/23/11 CMRA at ECR Superbike B 6th
10/22/11 CMRA TWS Superbike B 7th
10/22/11 CMRA TWS SuperStock C 7th
09/23/11 CMRA at ECR SuperStock C 7th
08/27/11 Cmra motorsports ranch Superstock B 7th
09/23/11 CMRA at ECR Superbike C 8th
09/23/11 CMRA at ECR Superstock B 8th
08/27/11 Cmra motorsports ranch SuperStock C 8th
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