Brannon Brannon Mamula
Mountain Bike
Brannon Brannon Mamula
Age: 30
Tucson, AZ
Currently in College
I've been on a bike since before I can remember, and I can't imagine not being on one. It'... more
Rank: Amateur
Competition: Four Times A Year: Since 2004
Recent Class(es): None
Mountain Biking: Since 2004 - Once Or Twice Per Week


I've been riding bikes since I was very little. At first it was just fun, to get around and what not. But then I started to love it, even thrive on it. I would talk about it, dream about it, even give up on other sports that I did legitimately so I could ride more. I started with a Wal-Mart Huffy, then moved to a Haro Race-1 bmx, then a Mongoose 2.0 with an old-skool RockShox Judy. I started to hang out with more people that were going bigger and faster, and loved the sport as much as I did. I started watching bike vids like Superheroes, Ride to the Hills, and Chain Smoke... Then I got a K2 Disco Monkey, and then a Rocky Mountain RM7 with a Shiver. From that point on it was downhill from there (literally). I started to race as much as my parents, and my bank account, would allow. Now I'm here today. Still loving life and anything with two wheels I can get my hands on.


Yeti Cycles Chile Challenge XIX, 2007 4X
8th Place

Bootleg Canyon DH 2007 Men's Advanced 19-24

Sea Otter Classic 2007, Men's Senior DH 19-24

Bootleg Canyon DH 2006 Men's Sport 19-24

Sea Otter Classic 2006, Men's Senior DH 19-24


-Build a team up to race DH (and/or 4X)competitively at major events, such as Sea Otter, MSC, and others.
-Devote any and all free time to bettering both myself and others in Mountain Biking.
-Preform much needed trail maintenance on neglected trails in and around Tucson, Az.

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