Ben Herrera Farrell
Ben Herrera Farrell
Age: 21
Woburn, MA
Currently in High School
i like to ride my bike. i really like to ride my bike. if you like to ride your bike, you ... more
Rank: Amateur
Competition: Twice A Year: Since 2011
Recent Class(es): None
BMX: Since 2011 - Just About Every Day


I started riding BMX about 3 years ago. I was always into extreme sports since I was little and played a Tony Hawk game over a friend's house. I started skateboarding when I was 8 years old and was pretty good at it for my age. Skateboarding started to get boring for me because what I really liked was getting into the air and BMX really got me there faster. Once I got my first BMX bike in the 6th grade I realized how much more fun it was for me and decided that I wanted to get into it more instead of skateboarding. to make sure BMX was for me, I decided to only skate in 7th grade and see how much I missed biking. It was extremely hard and I gave in pretty quickly. I would ride my bike around with some friends doing things that I thought were extreme at the time. I started going more to local skateparks and meeting new people who would teach me new things. That summer I started getting very into it and riding my bike every day. I started progressing a bunch during the summer and would end up losing some of it during winter months. Then I started going to indoor parks which helped out so much and let me progress during the winter as well. Ever since then I've been practicing and mostly having the most fun I can. I try not to get frustrated when learning something new because then I am making myself do something like a chore and riding will become less fun for me. Most of all I love riding with friends and meeting new people.


I haven't really thought about what my highlights were in BMX so far. I'd say that learning tailwhips was the most recent highlight because I had been going at them for about 4 days straight around 5 hours each day just trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Besides those, I suppose getting to be a counselor in training at my local indoor skatepark was cool. It let me teach a bunch of kids (unfortunately most of them were scooterers and not BMX riders) some new tricks. The last thing I can think of that I would consider a highlight is getting to know which of my friends are the best to ride with and who will help me learn new things.


Next year I'm planning on going harder. I want to really apply myself to all of my tricks and get them down pat. I'm planning on working hard to just make myself a better rider in general. A nicer guy, too. I'm probably going to try more spin tricks such as 720s because those have always been my weakness. same with getting really high airs. I can get high enough to trick but it would be awesome to soar.

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