Adam Rawski
Auto Racing
Adam Rawski
Age: 22
West Chicago, IL
Currently in School with a 3.5 GPA
My name is Adam Rawski. I started racing in 2005. Ive driven everything from Legends Cars,... more
Rank: Expert
Competition: About Twice Per Month: Since 2005
Recent Class(es): Spec Z, Spec Z, Spec Z, Spec Z, Spec Z
Series Wins: 4 Regional
Event Wins: 2 Regional, 2 Local
Racing: Since 2005 - Two Or Three Times Per Week


I started racing Bandoleros in 2005 and moved into Legends Cars in 2008. Ive raced everything from ovals to road courses. In 2009 my father wanted to get me into road racing. He thought it would be great fun for me and would give me more experience in a race car. He found NASA, and attempted to sign me up. When we submitted my application it was denied right away because I was only 15 at the time. According to NASA's rules participants must be at least 18 years old. Slightly discouraged my father looked through NASA's bi-laws and he found a loophole. It stated that they would honor another racing license from another series. At the time I held a license with 600 Racing so my father called NASA's corporate office and explained the situation to NASA's president. The president of NASA told my father to send in a copy of my report card and he would make a decision from that. My report card was sent in later that month and i was given a NASA Provisional license. The rule at the time was I would have eight races to prove that I was a safe driver. After that i would have to run another eight races and if I didn't have any incidents I would be able to get my full race license after those races. In July of that year I raced at Gingerman Raceway and I won two main events. After I won, I was awarded my full race license at the age of 15. I was the youngest driver to hold a race license with NASA.


Youngest driver to ever win a NASA main event.
Eight main event wins.
A track record.
2nd place in the STR2 Championship 2010
Spec Z Series Directorship
30 Race wins.
Wisconsin state championship 2007
Placed third in 2009 National qualifier


Try to promote the new Spec Z series, and try to get my name and talents exposed to as many people as possible. Also have as much fun racing as possible. I would love to get into touring car racing. Thats my biggest goal in racing

Media Exposure / Publicity

Time Warner Cable
Local TV

Events & Results

Series Results
2013 Gingerman (crossover) Nasa Spec Z 1st
2013 Gingerman (crossover) Nasa Spec Z 1st
2013 Putnam Park Spec Z 1st
2013 Putnam Park Spec Z 1st
Past Events & Results
08/17/13 Gingerman Spec Z 1st
08/17/13 Gingerman Spec Z 1st
07/13/13 NASA Midwest Autobahn Spec Z 1st
07/13/13 NASA Midwest Autobahn Spec Z 1st
06/22/13 Gingerman (crossover) Nasa Spec Z 1st
06/22/13 Gingerman (crossover) Nasa Spec Z 1st
05/17/13 Putnam Park Spec Z 1st
05/17/13 Putnam Park Spec Z 1st
04/27/14 NASA Midwest Spec Z 2nd
04/26/14 NASA Midwest Spec Z 3rd
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