ZYM is the fuel that hydrates elite athletes during competitions - without the sugar. Put ZYM to work and feel a difference in increased performance.
ZYM is a small tablet that dissolves in water for on-the-go hydration. It's portable, so it goes wherever you go. The tablets are formulated for 16-20 oz. of water. Each tube of ZYM contains 10 tablets.

We suggest drinking ZYM before and during your exercise. If you're a heavy cramper, you may want to drink ZYM after your workout too.

Consider ZYM as an eco-friendly alternative to sports drink bottles. All you need to do is recycle the tube. ZYM saves 10 ready-to-drinks from recycling or the trash. Take ZYM with you along with your re-usable sports bottle. If you need one of those, check out our uniquely designed ZYM bottle. The unique flip-top bottle is perfect for any sport. Click here.

Whether you're biking a century, running a marathon or training rigorously, ZYM is the most effective electrolyte replacement drink out there for intense workouts. It quickly replaces what your body sweats out, including Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium.

Instead of dealing with messy powders or lugging around bottles of sports drinks, ZYM allows you to contain all of the necessary ingredients for proper hydration in the palm of your hand.


Drop a small ZYM tablet in your water bottle, give it a minute to dissolve and drink up! No messy powder… just a light-weight water—resistant tube that holds 10 tabs which can easily fit almost anywhere. ZYM is formulated to work with 16-20 oz of water; the amount used in a water bottle.

The cap has a special desiccant to keep moisture out of tube and away from the tablets. Make sure the cap is sealed tight and always on when not in use.

Highly-salted hydration products are not the answer. The formulas we design for endurance athletes set ZYM apart from other hydration products. ZYM's unique blend of electrolytes, B Vitamins and other components is what makes it effective against muscle burn and dehydration. This provides athletes with fresh legs, natural energy and higher endurance.

ZYM Endurance formula has a light lemon-lime flavor and is designed to combat fatigue, muscle cramps and lactic acid build-up.
ZYM Catapult formula has a berry flavor and contains 100 mg of guarana caffeine to provide an energy boost.

Athletes actually look forward to drinking ZYM, unlike other hydration products. ZYM has a clean finish with no after-taste, and no unpleasant sugary residue.

ZYM is the electrolyte drink tablet made for enhancing the performance of endurance athletes. Available in Lemon-Lime (electrolytes + vitamins), Berry (electrolytes + vitamins + ca...  More
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