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At Feed The Machine, we recognize that athletes can not achieve optimum performance through training alone. Nutrition is a key component to success and the cost for quality endurance sports nutrition products can add up.

So our goal is to help our athletes use only the best in endurance sports nutrition at a reasonable cost without compromising quality.

In our store, you'll find all the supplements and fuels you'll need to make your training and racing count. We carry products that:

  • * Boost your energy
  • * Increase your Vo2 Max and performance
  • * Support your daily nutrition needs
  • * Prepare you for a workout
  • * Fuel and hydrate you during a workout
  • * Help you recover faster after your workout
  • * Help boost your immune system
  • etc ...

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In addition to carrying best-of-breed products from other manufacturers, we've formulated SportMulti® to be the cornerstone of an athlete's nutrition plan. Below is a detailed description of SportMulti® and why it's so important to athletes.


SportMulti® is a multivitamin and mineral supplement for athletes. We made SportMulti® because we believe that every athlete should take a multivitamin and mineral supplement designed to address the unique needs of our bodies under the added stresses of training and competition. A high potency and complete multivitamin and mineral supplement in its most bioavailable form should be the foundation of an athlete's nutrition program to help reach optimum performance and maintain overall good health. 

We created SportMulti® as our first FTM Brand® supplement product for two main reasons. First, we believe that the right multivitamin and mineral supplement should be at the core of every athlete's nutrition plan. If you could only take one supplement, it should be a multivitamin and mineral complex as long as it's the right one. That leads to our second reason. We wanted to offer a simple but yet effective multivitamin and mineral complex that was complete, high potency, naturally sourced, and used the most bioavailable forms of nutrients. Nothing else should be added to ensure you get the most powerful multivitamin-mineral blend per capsules. Other nutrients, if needed, should be obtained from food sources or other products. To be effective, a good supplement should only contain vitamins or minerals, period. Simple but hard to find on the market today, until SportMulti®. ‡

SportMulti® benefits include:

  • Designed for Athletes
  • Complete Vitamin & Mineral profile (ex: how many other products contain the essential vitamin K?)
  • High Potency (high but safe dosage to address the unique needs of athletes)
  • Can replace all your other individual Vitamin and Mineral supplements
  • Powerful Antioxidants
  • Complete B-Complex Formula
  • Supports Bone Health
  • Naturally Sourced (vitamins and minerals come from natural sources, none are synthetically derived)
  • Most bioavailable forms (use most easily absorbed forms which translat
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