Hookit offers the most powerful platform to quantify and track the value and performance of sponsorships.

We track the entire sports eco-system

Across 100+ Sports

We measure & value

Engagement, Brand Promotion, Logo Recognition, Text, Sentiment, Location, Audience

We deliver via real-time dashboards, live feeds & reports:

Hookit Sport Graph ™

Tracking 10 Billion Connections & Conversations
The sports eco-system in real-time

Live Dashboards & Feeds

Real-time social & digital media metrics and content available right at your fingertips

Athlete Scorecard

Snapshot of a single athlete or team over any time span showing stats, brand promoted posts and earned media value

Team Report

Summary and rank order report of athletes, teams and events

Event Report

Comprehensive summary of earned media value from everything surrounding an event during timeframe
Detailed Hashtag Report highlighting all of the tagged content posted during a specified time span

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You can't manage what you don't measure

How can you tell if your sponsorship dollars are causing waves and creating engagement that matters?
No other company can measure value exchanged between athletes, brands, media, events, teams, leagues, and federations like Hookit. Athletes talk. Fans talk. We listen.

How do you know if one of your elite athletes or teams are contract-compliant across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and more?
Hookit's Athlete scorecards show a Snapshot of a single athlete or team engagement over any time span showing social stats, brand promoted posts and earned media value utilizing the Hookit Value Methodology™ (HVM) . Subscriptions provide 24/7 dashboard access, social scene & leader board live feed services as well.

How do you measure engagement at your live event beyond broadcast, spectators and into the social and digital space?
Our comprehensive event reports show social stats, promoted posts and earned media value utilizing the Hookit Valuation Methodology™ (HVM). Measuring up to 5 brands (additional brands can be added, call for a quote). Highlights all tagged content posted during a specified time span along with a deep dive on value within the brand promotion page.

Driving Decisions & Changing Behavior

Track 150 pro athletes
Contract compliance
Athlete education
Changed athlete roster
Grew media value 400%
NBC Sports
Track Dew Tour athletes
Quantified 2nd screen value
Live feed & rankings
Improved sponsor ROI
Influence programming changes
Track 15 pro athletes
Contract compliance
Quantify media ROI
Benchmarked athletes
Quantify Athlete ROI
Identify future talent
Maximize brand consulting measurement & valuation
Represented new athletes
Quantify event value
"Hookit's innovative digital, social and streaming media measurement solutions help our team monitor the effectiveness of our strategy in real time and ensure we are getting the maximum ROI at every turn."
Todd Ballard,
Vice President Sports and Entertainment GoPro
"We have yet to experience an analytics platform as robust, efficient and scalable as Hookit, and we're thrilled to bring this technology to bear for the NBC Universal Dew Tour"

"With Hookit we have the ability to rank and analyze not only on a macro level to determine how our athletes, events and broadcasts are performing from an engagement standpoint, but drill down into specific data categories to deeply access specific components of our overall marketing strategy."
Eric Grilly,
President NBC Sports Dew Tour
"Hookit has provided me with incredibly powerful tools, insights and guidance on how to best connect with my fans, continue building my personal brand and drive real value for my sponsors and partners."
Ricky Carmichael,
Motocross Legend / Motocross Team Owner

Some of Our Clients and Partners

Monster Army
Los Angeles Lakers
Cleveland Cavaliers
NBC Sports
Canadian Olympic Committee
The Enthusiast Network
Kansas City Royals
US Ski Team, US Freeskiing, US Snowboard Team

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